Sunday, September 23, 2007

wow...that feels soo much better!
I changed my template,after( keep in mind) I made a new header..looks like I need to find new

It does feel like a happier place to be,I hope you feel the same!
I'm really hoping to get here more often, although,it won't likely be much until, October,
I'm sooo far behind!!! Don't get me wrong,I love to create, but sometimes, It's soo hard to be creative, under pressure I seem to struggle with that alot!
I'm sure, i'll figure it out, but let me tell you October first, you'll hear a big sigh of relief from this girl!

Until next time, happy scrapping!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A freebie for you!!

I'm such a terrible blogger!

It seems there is always more that I could do!

this summer was great, tried to spend some quality time with the family, although we didn't get very far...

I'm trying to stay in denial , about the fact that this summer is over..that means soon the snow will come...yuck!

So, I've tried to keep my kits as bright and cheery as possible!

Garden Grunge:

Raz-Berry Delight

My Newest....... Star Burst:

Do you think they are getting brighter,


I hate to see what my kits resemble by Christmas!! have braved my babbling for long enough!

here's you fabulous Freebie!

1- 12x12..Quick Page!

Please Leave me some love if you download...Thank you for looking!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Announcing new CT Members, new products , and of course a freebie!

First of all,I'd Like to thank everyone who Applied to be on my CT!!
I'm excited to welcome my 4 new members!!!

Congrats Ladies!!
you girls are awesome!!
I'd Also like to Thank my existing members: Kille_enna, Nita, and Caroline, for sticking things out ,and doing such an awesome job! All of you have inspired and encouraged me,and I'm greatful for the friendships I've enough mush...I'm looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful creations!! I'm so exited!

new products!!
This month I have released (4) painted,commercial use products,
fabulous flourish pack, and a swirl-o-word element pack!
you can find these here

And my Latest kit....
MY Little Trooper
This kit is on sale for only $4.00(USD) now through June 27th

This kit is perfect for the boys and men in your life,It has a bit of a military feel,and includes some great grungy elements. Create some awesome pages even the Masculine members of your family will appreciate.

And now the Fabulous Freebie!!!!!!!!
Here's a Quick Page I made using my new kit!

Link Has Expired,,,,sorry!
Please leave a comment if you like it!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Here we are again!

I've been pre-occupied at tad this month, as my DH has been home quite a bit, but it sure has been nice having him around more!

so where to start?(may be a freebie somewhere)

There are a few things I wanted to post ..#1

CT Call for Kashiabean Kreations!!!!

yep,I'm Looking for some really kreative Ladies, who want to Use my Kreations!!

you can look at my products here!


1) 2 Lo's, per kit or 1 Lo per element,doodle pack..minumum 2 products per month,,(from time to time may ask for more)

2) I ask that anyone applying not be on more than 2 other CT'S.(guest spots don't count)

3) you must post your Lo's to at least 3 different galleries.

4)willing to promote my kreations, when opporitunities arise.

I will in turn give you access to all my products up in the store!!
I am looking for 3-4 new members..
call runs from June 2-until positions are filled!

if you are interested please Email me at :

Please include links to your most used galleries, A brief Bio, and 2 reasons why you'd love to be on my team!!
I'll post those chosen here on my blog!!

Thanks in advance! I'm soo excited!!!!

ok #2
my Challenge!!!
June 4th is the start of a new kit being given away as posting gifts!

A new challenge starts every can read more details here:
here's the new kit..
4 parts..june 4th- July 1st

New Products this month!
newest kit!!
Victorian wings!!

I love this kit , It's soo feminine!

you can pick this kit up here!
It's on sale through june 4th for only $4.00

there were 2 other new additions to my store this last month..
Butterflies & Blooms, And, My black Art Favorites Collection #3

now for the goodies!!

Thanks for hanging in there!!!!

A new Freebie for you! These were made to co-ordinate with my new Victorian Wings Kit..

I really hope you like it!

sorry link has expired!

Please Leave me comments if you like it!

Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm back again with a few announcements!!!

What's new? First of all I started my own challenge at 3Scrapateers, It's called " Kashiabean's Try Something New weekly Challenge". Every Monday, I think up a new Idea for you to try!

Today was the start of a new monthly mini kit ,this month there are 5 parts, every week ,you get 1 part, for posting your layouts. you can find all the details here.

here's the preview of the mini for may.

Now Announcement # 2...

There's a brand new kit, Totally co-ordinates with my Challenge mini, as I was
I named it "Authentic Rust"..I soo love these warm colors, and the slightly grungy,worn look to can pick this kit up in my store.

Now we are Down to the good part!!! A Gift !

Guess what..It Totally matches!! I thought what a good way to get a taste of my new kit, and maybe get you to come join me for my challenge! I love to make new friends!!!

sorry you missed it!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My New Kit And More doodles!

I've sure been busy lately! I'm lovint things over at 3 Scrapateers! They are a bunch of wonderful ladies over there! I can't belive march is almost over! But anyways! I just had to show you my newest stuff! My new kit beauty, is my favorite! I wasn't sure if it was ever going to get done..was in a bit of a designing slump took me almost 2 weeks to finish..I'm thinking too many distractions! I hope you like it!

I have also added some more of my doodles..There are 4 new sets! Designers these can also be used commercially,they are a great resource! I love to use doodles in my kits,they are totally original,and I usually spend alot of time on these.most are very detailed!

You can find all my products here.

now..I have made up a freebie!!! bit's of my beauty kit, that I left out ,to share!
If you download it, I'd Love to hear what you think!! Enjoy your Weekend!!

Download has expired..sorry...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

News!!! I am now exclusive to
As usual I am a horrible blogger, but I guess,I'll let myself off the hook as I have been busy, and probably will be for a bit yet! I was soo excited to be accepted at 3 Scrapateers, it has been a personal goal of mine! I have to say all the ladies there are just awsome, and have been very patient and helpful, as there is tons of new stuff for me to learn. I am hoping very soon to get another goodie posted up here for you! Until then Thanks for taking the time to check in!
I have a new kit released as, I almost forgot . here's the preview..I think this kit is soo cool, if I every get time,I'm gonna whip up a page set as well..keep your eyes peeled! thanks till next time!!